Artist Statement:

"My art has taken many journeys and gone down many paths... years of searching, years of finding and years of searching again. 

I never know where the path will lead and have never had a defined destination. I think the journey itself may be the destination, for in the end, one must travel to arrive. 

My works have evolved through figurative to deconstructed figurative to figurative abstraction and back to figurative again. 

The one constant with my art has been the human form, be it representational, diagrammatic, layered or totally deconstructed. 

My current status in this evolution is using the human form as a point of departure for the exploration of pure design in terms of opposing relationships or dynamic oppositions. The symbols of life, "Simboli della Vita", balance, rhythm and harmony are innate in the human form.  The observation, evaluation, and interpretation of those symbols into a visual idiom, is the never ending journey."

About this Exhibition:

"Simboli della Vita", the title of Mentler's upcoming show, refers to the "Symbols of Life", which consist of balance, rhythm and harmony.  These are innate in the human form, and serve as a constant source of inspiration and observation for Mentler in his work."